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The R2B app available for download now! R2B is a sure way of being safe when partaking in any activity. If you're not back in time we'll let someone know via SMS. No mobile signal required. Click below to Download Now.


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What Is It?

Our mobile platform, R2B, allows users to check-in and out of activities, without the need of an active phone connection. Where a user has not checked back in within their allocated time then our servers activates an escalation process. Escalation process consists of informing a user’s defined emergency contacts via SMS.

The information we provide to emergency contacts include last known location, activity description and activity type. Our vision is to increase safety across all types of outdoor activities. We are not a rival to GPS enabled tracking apps (such as MapMyRun, Strava, etc) we compliment them by offering a safety layer when partaking in an activity.